Dental Furnace
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Product Description

Dental Furnace, this product is mainly used for zirconia sintering in the denture processing industry, and can also be used for sintering and annealing high temperature materials in the powder metallurgy industry.



Touch screen control system makes the control of the device easier, faster and more user-friendly.

It is an ideal product for zirconia denture sintering, high-temperature sintering and metal annealing in universities, research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises.

The furnace has a circular structure, and the heating elements are evenly distributed on the circumference, which makes the temperature field more reasonable and uniform.

The furnace body is loaded with automatic lifting structure, which is beneficial to safely picking and placing the sintered pattern, especially for the high temperature sinter sintering of the zirconia denture crown, with good consistency and high permeability.

This product is scientific and reasonable in structure, and is currently the mainstream equipment used in the field of zirconia sintering.


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