Muffle and Box Furnace
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Product Description

Muffle and Box Furnace widely used in sintering and annealing in lab, sintering for ceramics, used in denture processing, especially for technical ceramic (ceramic dental bridge).


Standard models are KSL-1200X, KSL-1400X, KSL-1700X, KSL-1800X, there are three heating elements Cr-Fe-Al, MoSi2 Heating Element, SIC Heating element,

Different models have different max temperature, the max temperature of following models KSL-1200X, KSL-1400X, KSL-1700X, KSL-1800X are 1200oC,1400oC,1650oC,1750oC.

Usually adopt two side heating or five side heating to ensure even temperature field in the furnace

Thermocouples for temperature measurement usually have three types of K type, S single platinum-rhodium thermocouples, B double platinum-rhodium thermocouples.

Double shell structure with air cooling system, shell surface temperature is lower than 60oC.

The top of the furnace body has a vent, which is beneficial to eliminate corrosive gases and moisture in the furnace chamber, and can prolong the service life of heating elements.

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