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Ceramic fiber blanket
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Known as aluminum silicate fiber blanket, ceramic fiber blanket mainly consists of selected high quality spun ceramic fiber, double sides mechanically needling makes it high strength and surface integrity. It has great insulating performance and stability both in high and low temperature, thus is widely used in insulating pipelines. 


1.High temperature insulation materials in spaceflight, steel and Petrifaction industry.
2.Fire resistance and insulation in military equipment.
3.Repair, Insulation & Linings for Furnaces, Kilns, Generators, Reformers, Boilers, etc.
4.Insulation for Steam & Gas Turbines, & Other High Temperature EquipmentInsulation for Nuclear Applications & Power Plants.
5.High-Temperature Pipe Insulation & Filtration, Casting Mold Insulation, etc.
6.High-Temperature Seals , Furnace Door Seals, Expansion Joint Seals.
7.Fire Protective Insulation or Linings.


♦ Needled blanket; Non-combustible

♦ Low density and low thermal conductivity

♦ Shorter heat up and cool down time

♦ Resilience and resistance to thermal shock

♦ Flexible and easy to cut or install

♦ Consist of acoustic properties

♦ Contain no organic binder

♦  Asbestos free

♦ Excellent resistance to tensile stress and can resist temperature range 950-1400℃

♦ Thermal Shock Resistance & Corrosion Resistance (commonly used acid and alkali)