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ceramic fiber board
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The features of ceramic fiber board:
1. High compressive strength, long service life.
2. Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity.
3. Non-brittle material, good toughness.
4. Accurate size, good flatness.
5. Easy to install, easy to construct.
6. Excellent anti-wind erosion performance.
7. Continuous production, uniform fiber distribution, stable performance.

8. Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

Typical application:

1. Iron and steel industry: expansion joints, back lining heat insulation, heat insulation slices and mold heat insulation.

2. Non-ferrous metal industry: back lining heat insulation material, tundish and tank cover, used for pouring copper and copper alloy.

3. Ceramic industry: light kiln car structure and the furnace hot surface lining, the furnace temperature zone separation and fire materials.

4. Glass industry: molten back lining heat insulation, burner block, glass tempering furnace lining.

5. Furnace construction: hot surface refractory material (instead of fiber blanket), heavy refractory material lining, expansion joints.

6. Light industry: lining of industrial and household boiler combustors.

7. Petrochemical industry: high temperature heating furnace lining of hot surface material.

8. Building materials industry: building exterior wall waterproof and moisture.

Ceramic fiber board is made by wet vacuum forming process, its strength is higher than fiber blanket and vacuum forming mat.