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Ceramic fiber board
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Products Description

Ceramic fiber board, using ceramic fiber bulk and inorganic binder, is processed by series work of wet mixing, vacuum suction filter, extrusion, drying and polishing etc.


Product Advantages

1.Light weight, low thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity

2.Good chemical stability and excellent anti-erosion

3.Excellent thermal stability and good resistance to heat shock

4.Excellent bending strength against high temperature and good temperature tolerance

5.Excellent machinability

6.Uniformed structure, and high anti-pulverization ability

7.Easy to be installed and used


Product Application

1.Insulation for high temperature furnaces

2.Surface insulation of industrial kilns

3.Fire-barrier material for multi-temperature-zones furnace

4.Backing insulation of petroleum, chemical and metallurgical furnace

5.High temperature sintering sagger

6.High temperature sealing for machine and precision mold