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High Temperature Tube Atmosphere Furnace Features
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 High temperature tube atmosphere furnace features:

1. The appearance of new, exquisite lathe processing, shell high temperature spray.
2. Furnace materials are all made from imported Morgan (energy saving effect is more than 60% of the old electric furnace).
3. Accuracy (temperature control accuracy: ± 1
constant temperature (uniform) Accuracy: ± 5 ;).
4. Insulation performance (less than 30% of total power when insulated).
5. Microcomputer control, programmable, 50 temperature curve, automatic heating / cooling.
6. Working environment (anti-interference, 1400
when the shell temperature ≤ 30 greatly improved the working environment).
7. The heating element is distributed on both sides of the furnace.
8. Can add a variety of gas and vacuum, roof and the door water cooling.
9. Furnace normal use temperature: 0-1700
10. Heating temperature (0-1400
: 35 minutes to reach; the fastest heating rate of 40 degrees / min, the temperature of different heating rate is also different).
11. Vacuum degree of 10 times the square side of the ramp, that is -0.1mpa.


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