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Box Type Furnace Installation and Use
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Box - type  furnace installation and use

1, the electric furnace for the integrated installation, electric furnace without special installation, just flat on the floor or on the bench. For safe operation, the electric furnace needs to be grounded reliably.

2, please strictly follow the following steps to install the instrument: (In order to prevent misuse, the instrument on the socket models have a corresponding one-to-one correspondence, so if the exception is strictly prohibited forcibly connected.

(1) the control box hanging in the furnace side in place.

(2) Connect the box-type furnace body to the output socket behind the control box with a special connection cable.

(3) the temperature sensor connections were inserted into the control box and the furnace corresponding to the jack.

(4) Connect the total power of the control box to the user's power outlet and check that the power supply voltage meets the equipment requirements.

3, silicon molybdenum rod (that is, 1700 degrees box furnace) furnace due to the special nature of its heating element, so the beginning of the temperature is recommended to manually control 1-2 minutes to make the box furnace power constant in a certain value, to be silicon molybdenum rod Heat back to the automatic state, so do the box furnace heating elements and the grid have a certain protection, and save time.

4, check the break even protection is working properly, the method is: pull out the signal plug, then the temperature indicator quickly rose to the highest point also automatically cut off the heating power, the device is good, re-connected thermocouple, normal work.

5, oven, when the first use or long-term use after the re-use, must be oven. The procedure is as follows:

When the room temperature rose 200 4 hours (open the door to let the water vapor)

When 200 rise 600 4 hours (closed the door)

When 600 rise 800 2 hours (closed the door)

6, the use of finished, first of all the controller panel button switch to pull off the position, and then cut off the total power switch.


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