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Box Type Furnace Feature
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Box-type experimental furnace Features:
(1) This product is widely used, can be used for weight analysis: organic matter and coal ash determination.

(2) The heating element is arranged inside the four walls to speed up the temperature rise and even heat.
(3) The heating element is made of special refractory material and is completely concealed inside the inner wall to avoid contact with corrosive gases, vapors and the like, and extend its service life.
(4) box-type furnace and control part is set separately, so that even in the case of long-term operation, the electronic temperature controller can accurately grasp the temperature.
(5) box-type furnace shell is double, during which the air cycle can keep the surface of the low temperature, do not worry about the phenomenon of scalding people.
(6) The digital setting and display panel indicate the exact temperature.


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