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High Temperature Annealing Sintering Vertical Tube Furnace
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 GSL-1100S is a large vertical split tube type furnace, the maximum temperature of 1100 accurate temperature control system includes 30 segments heating and cooling curve set, with + / - 1 temperature control accuracy. The furnace tube size is 275mm(O.D) x 250mm(I.D) x 2000mm, which is the ideal equipment for mental annealing and high temperature sintering. The furnace body is installed vertically on the movable support to facilitate the operation of the furnace tube.



Furnace Structure

Double layer steel casing with air cooling to keep furnace surface temperature lower than 60°C.

High purity fibrous alumina insulation for max. energy saving.

Rated voltage

AC 380V

Rated Power


Heating rate

10°C /min.

Max. heating temperature


Temperature Control System

The temperature controller is built on the power cabinet.

PID automatic control with 30 segments programmable heating and colding processor.

With overheat and circuit thermocouple protection.

Can add with communication interface.

Control accuracy +/-1°C

Tube Size

Φ275(O.D) x Φ250(I.D) x2000mm(can be customized)

Chamber dimension


Dimension(L x W x H)


Power Cabinet: 640 × 550 × 1600mm

Temperature Accurancy


Heating element

SiC heating elementU Type

Hot end:1320mm,Cold end:350mm,Space:60mm


One year limited warranty
Consumable parts such as processing tubes are not covered by the warranty.