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Split Long Tube Furnace with 4.5
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 Split Long Tube Furnace with 4.5"OD x 4.3"ID x 59" L Quartz Tube (36" Heating Zone) & Vacuum Flanges

JZ-T1200-115 is a split single-zone tube furnace which has 4.5"OD x 4.3"ID x 59" L quartz tube and can achieve faster heating up to 1200ºC. The furnace includes one pair of vacuum sealing flanges and two vacuum valves & Pressure gauge for immediate use. The precision temperature controllers can provide 30-segment heating and cooling steps with +/- 1 ºC accuracy with 17" length constant temperature (flat) zone. It is an excellent furnace for annealing, diffusing and sintering samples in various atmospheres.








AC 208-240 Single Phase, 50/60 Hz


1200°C (< 1hr)

Continuous Temperature


Max. Heating Rate

< = 20 ºC /min



Tube Size and Materials

Made of high quality Fused quartz with size of 115 mm O.D x 110 mm ID x 1500 mm L

Optional diameter: 80mm,100mm,are available upon request
 Two fibrous ceramic tube blocks are included for blocking heat radiation from inside tube. (Ceramic blocks must be fully inserted into the furnace chamber before heating)

Heating Zone length

880 mm ( single zone )

Constant temperature zone

440 mm (+/-1°C)

Temperature controller

PID automatic control with 30 steps programmable

Temperature Accuracy

+/ - 1°C

Vacuum Seal

Two stainless steel flanges with vacuum gauge and valves

Fitting Ports

On one end the flange has a valve & vacuum gauge attached, and on the other end has a valve Vacuum port.

Vacuum Level

10E-2 torr by mechanical vacuum pump.
Leak rate < 5 mtorr / min.

Heating Element

Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo


1100 X 450 x 670mm

Net Weight


Shipping weight

250 lbs

Shipping package after crating

65x45x35 inch



One year limited warranty for electrical and mechanical parts. (Consumable parts such as furnace liner, processing tubes
and o-rings are not  covered  by the warranty)



Standard Package

Item No.




One pair of Alumina Foam Block for 4.5" dia. Tube Furnace

2 sets


Vacuum  Flange for 4.5" dia. Tube Furnace

1 set


Quartz Tube: 115 ODx110IDx1500 L mm

1 pc